Thursday, December 4, 2008

Secret PAL Gifts

We have a class at my school that chooses to give us teachers small gifts over about a two week period. We don't have to give one back, but of course I am. We are only allowed to know if we have a girl or boy giving us our gifts. They will reveal themselves during a breakfast the last week before Christmas break. I have a girl as my "Secret PAL" which is great because I'm able to make her several of the cute things I've seen on your blogs. I'm trying to keep everything matching. A while back I had found some beautiful Basic Grey papers that all coordinate. The ones I've chosen for my PAL are in the Romani series. Here's what I've made so far and I will update when I get the other projects made.

Her first gift was one of the Post-It Note Holders made with my new BIA (which I have fallen in love with!).

And her next gift is an assortment of things because I wanted to make some of the bookmarks.


Jenn Greeley said...

Very cute projects! Your secret pal is sure to love them.

Ladybug Fanatic said...

Awesome Job! I'm so glad you decided to get the BIA. I wish you lived closer :)

MommaJen said...

these look great! I'm checking out your blog at Lacey's recommendation! I do stampin too, but I'm technologically challenged, so nothing's on my blog! I'm sure your little pal will love them