Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hero Worshiping

Okay, I have a new hero. I stumbled upon a blog that is simply amazing. I've spent the weekend being enthralled, inspired, and enamored of Pioneer Woman. She is so friggin' awesome! I want to be her when I grow up, no seriously I do. So, in honor of my new hero, I spent this afternoon walking around our property taking pictures of random things. It was a very nice day again, after this little cold spell we just so happened to have the one entire week that I have off (and of course I was sick for half of it, but that's another story). Alas, everyone stood up to take notice of the nice day...
And the stupid, stupid redbud trees that are starting to bud...
Don't they know that until the mesquites start to bloom that we're going to have another hard freeze? The last time we had 90 degree temps in February, we got 10 inches of snow Easter weekend. Hmm... something to think about.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baby Quilt

The friend that I talk all the time about, Lacey, has commissioned me to make several baby afghans for people she knows. The current one I'm working on is quite a bit different from all the others I've ever done. The expectant mother is decorating the baby's room in this bedding set from Pottery Barn:

We decided to make a "granny square" type afghan with owls in amongst the squares. I had to come up with the pattern myself as most of the owl patterns out there are quite creepy. I am using the blue, pink, yellow, tan, and green colors in the bedding. The owls will be on the green squares and the other colors will be a solid square with a pretty texture. Anyway here are the colors and an upclose shot of the owl, followed by the overall pattern of the afghan. I think I am also going to add some sort of lacey border around the entire afghan, probably in chocolate brown.

My valentine

I received this cute valentine from my friend Lacey. I love the heart with the flowers!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Short Update...

I got a valentine! Though it was only one, that one was from one of my best friends, Lacey. I have taken a picture of it - just haven't had a chance to move it from the camera to the computer. I remember how busy the spring semesters of high school were for me, but I didn't realize how hectic they are for the teachers. I am so ready for Spring Break. Yea, two more days! I miss stamping, and crocheting, and sewing. That is all that I plan to do next week. Iit's not really a lazy week, but I'll be doing what I want so that is way better. I plan on taking pictures of everything that I work on and will have them up at some point next week. Even a sneak peak of a baby afghan that I'm working on.