Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Hall Pass

I have had problems with my hall passes disappearing. Whether taken to add to a collection or left in the bathrooms, I just can't seem to keep one. I needed to make one that wouldn't be easily taken or left somewhere. As I've mentioned before, I am part of the Art Club when I have time to participate. One of their recent projects was to decorate a styrofoam head. The students have come up with some amazing works of art. The styrofoam allows them to cut into and add components to their heads. I wanted to create one, and once I noticed the head already had a hole.... I thought it would make an awesome hall pass. I found a couple of nerd magazines (Discover, Science Illustrated) that were devoted to Einstein and used these images to cover my head. They even had two large images of his face that I was able to combine. I painted a dowel rod and then graffitied my last name all over it. I must say, I now have the coolest/creepiest hall passes in school. My students love it!

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